Choosing the Right Storage Facility

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Come see the facilities at North Main Storage and we think you will agree that they are the best storage units in Manteca, CA. We offer all the amenities you would expect from a quality self-storage facility, including climate controlled storage units for keeping your household furnishings in pristine condition.
Whether you are storing a suede couch, sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, stereos, or DVD players, or important documents such as legal documents, family photographs, and so on, you know that the Manteca, CA weather can be very harsh on these items. As such, we offer units that are temperature controlled and help keep out dust, moisture, and other damaging elements.
In addition, we take security seriously in our Manteca storage units. We have installed individual alarms on each one of our units to ensure that anyone attempting to access your property without the proper authorization will trigger an alarm. We use perimeter fencing to ensure that only people who are provided with the access code can enter the facility, and we employ a sophisticated camera system that is activated by motion and records the movements of those entering the facility.
Our office is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, but we do allow our tenants to access the facility at any time. Simply punch in your access code at the electric gate and proceed to your unit.
We offer both smaller indoor units as well as larger outside units. If you have an extra vehicle that you need to store—whether it’s a large vehicle such as a camper or RV or a small recreational vehicle such as an ATV—we have something that will work for you.
We know that sometimes life catches you by surprise and you may be in need of storage without having the time to prepare for it. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of packing and moving supplies—from boxes to tape to bubble wrap—and we make it available for purchase by our tenants.
Come see us today and see what we have to offer!

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