Conquering Living in a Small Space

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Throughout life you will probably move quite a few times. During at least one of those moves you are going to have to deal with living in a space that is smaller than you had hoped. There is no need to worry though. You can still have the space you have always wanted by applying some of these tips and tricks to make your small space seem comfortable and large.
Determine Needs
When moving into a smaller home or apartment it is good to purge and organize as you pack. While packing you can determine what you will really need on hand from a day to day basis. Everything else you can place in a storage unit at North Main Storage in Manteca, CA. Keeping duplicates of items, furniture, and extra accessories in your storage unit is a good way to make sure you always have what you need while not trying to cram it into a smaller living space.
In order to make your small space feel larger, try to expand your color palette and avoid dark colors. Dark colors can often make a room feel smaller. Light colors will open up a space and allow the space to feel larger. If you can’t paint your new space you can always go lighter by painting your existing furniture. Brighten up the room in any way you can to give yourself the feeling of more space.
Furniture Placement
Placing the furniture against the walls of your space will actually make the space feel smaller than it is. Try placing the furniture away from the walls and in a triangle formation to give movement and distinguish the space.
Home Storage
There are a variety of home storage options out there for you to try. Pick storage solutions that don’t take up too much floor space. Try to use the areas of your home that are often left untouched such as behind doors and empty wall space. Take full advantage of the storage your home provides and place only what you need in your home. Seasonal clothes, sports equipment, and holiday decorations can easily be placed in a storage unit at North Main Storage in Manteca, CA so you can utilize the storage you need in your home.
Hanging mirrors strategically throughout your small space can trick the eye and make the space feel a lot larger than it actually is. Place the mirrors opposite of windows to reflect natural light throughout the room.
While you may have a small space you can still make it seem large enough to feel comfortable. Follow the tips and tricks above while adding your own personal touches and you could have the home you have always wanted. For all of your storage needs contact us at North Main Storage in Manteca, CA for sizes and prices of our units.

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