How to Store a Mattress

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A good mattress can be an expensive investment – but given that we spend so much of our time sleeping, it’s also an important one. The good thing is that mattresses have the potential to last for at least a decade if well-maintained. That means that even if you end up spending a lot on a mattress and box springs, you can bet on not having to do it again a few years later. All of this, of course, depends upon how you store the mattress. Whether you’re looking at extended storage or are going through a move, North Main Storage understands how stressful it can be. Take a look at some of our favorite tips for storing a mattress correctly, and let us help make your situation a little bit easier.

Keep Your Bed Clean
There’s a common belief that because your mattress spends most of its time covered in sheets, it’s a pretty clean piece of furniture. While I understand the sentiment, the truth is that your bed needs to be cleaned just like anything else. This is especially true when you’re moving it or putting it into storage. To thoroughly clean your mattress, you’ll need a vacuum and upholstery cleaner. Vacuum both sides of the mattress to pick up any loose debris, and then use the upholstery cleaner on both sides of the mattress as well. Once you have a squeaky clean bed, you can move on to the next tip!

Cover the Bed
Moving has a way of snagging fabric and breaking some of our most beloved items. Don’t let your mattress be a part of that! Invest in a cover to keep your mattress and box springs safe as you move. Something that covers both sides of the bed and zips up is best, and you should use a different cover for each part. This is especially important if you’re storing the mattress, as you don’t want anything to damage the fabric.

Store it Correctly
Finally, you want to make sure you place the bed correctly when moving or storing. If you’re just moving the mattress from place to place, it’s fine to put it on its side. If you’re storing it long-term, however, it’s a better idea to lay the mattress flat in order to avoid damaging the coils and springs over time. Avoid placing anything on top of the mattress while it’s in storage for the same reason.

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