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The prospect of moving to a new area can be fun and exciting. Unfortunately the packing and actual moving is usually not so fun and exciting. As we’re coming into the time of year when people move the most, we’ve come up with some ideas that can help make moving easier and less stressful.

Get rid of unneeded items
To some extent or another we are all pack rats. We like to hang onto things and sometimes for good reason. Moving is probably the best time to evaluate all of your stuff and declutter. Sort your seldom needed or unneeded items into 4 categories: throw away, sell, donate or can’t part with. If you donate, check with your tax preparer, as you might be able to get a tax deduction. And for those items you just can’t part with, consider using our storage in Lathrop CA. By storing these items with us at North Main Storage, you can know that they’re safe and secure and you will save yourself the additional clutter at your new residence.

Moving Supplies
You will need a lot of boxes, boxes, and more boxes. There are other moving supplies you should consider. If you want to protect certain articles of clothing, consider a wardrobe box with a hanger bar. There are other specialty boxes like mirror boxes, files boxes and glass and dishes packer boxes. Speaking of glasses and dishes, there are also inserts you can get to divide and protect your glasses and dishes. You also might consider a bubble pack for additional protection for your fragile items. Protect your mattresses with specialty mattress bags. At North Main Storage we carry all of these specialty items as well as a wide range of box sizes.

Moving Truck
There are a few key points to keep in mind when renting and packing the moving truck. You will want to itemize everything you’ll be moving after you’ve determined what you’re getting rid of or storing and then with the help of the moving truck rental company, determine the right size moving truck. Don’t make the mistake of renting too small of a moving truck. Err on bigger side. When packing your moving truck you will want to be strategic to maximize your space. It is easier to fit smaller items or boxes at the end so pack all the heavier things like couched, beds and appliances first. And don’t forget to wrap your furniture in packing bubbles or blankets to protect it. Pack your boxes as tight as you can to keep them from shifting. As you are packing, try to have an even height or as even as possible and then rope off the back to help avoid too much shifting. A huge advantage of storing at North Main Storage is that we offer a free 15-foot moving truck with all new storage rentals.
We hope these tips help. We are here to serve you however you need us, whether that’s with our variety of moving supplies, or use of our moving truck when you rent a storage unit.

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