Tips for Preparing Your RV For Storage

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North Main storage doesn’t just provide storage units in Ripon CA, we also provide a secure place for you to store your RV. If you aren’t planning on taking a trip for awhile or are making a temporary move somewhere where you won’t need your RV, we can keep it safe because we know that not everybody has room for their RV in their home driveway. Here are just a few tips to help you prepare your RV for storage.

Remove The Batteries
It’s always a good idea to remove the batteries when putting your RV into storage. You can even put the batteries into storage units in Ripon CA where they’ll stay safe if you want to keep them close by. When you’re removing the battery, always remember to remove the negative terminal first. Clean the batteries if necessary and store in a cool climate.
Fill Your Gas Tank
If your RV is going to be in storage for awhile, it’s crucial to fill up your gas tank before parking it. Having a full tank prevents condensation from building up on the tank walls. Make sure to also add a fuel stabilizer for that extra layer of protection. There is an exception: If it’s going to be longer than a few months, drain the tank completely and refill when you’re ready to use again.
Clean Your RV
You probably clean items that go into your storage units in Ripon CA, the same should go for your RV. Now is the perfect time to clean your RV inside and out. Wipe down the awnings and let them completely dry. Close all blinds to prevent direct sunlight from damaging the interior of your vehicle. Empty out your refrigerator and leave the door open when finished to prevent mold from growing.
Cover Your RV
North Main Storage provides outdoor storage so we recommend purchasing a cover for your RV if you don’t already have one. Covers can be pretty affordable, just make sure to get one made of breathable material. This will help in preventing any mold and mildew that grows when there is too much moisture.
Follow these tips and your RV should be in great condition when you’re ready to pick it up. If you need a place to store your RV or need storage units in Ripon CA, give us a call and we’ll get you set up.

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